Is Bizgurukul scam?

Is Bizgurukul scam?

Bizgurukul is a G.S.T. registered company establish in 2020. They create a product related to digital marketing and like personality development and other such as communication skill, advance personality development, master in public speaker, story teller, and influence.

I am also a affiliate marketer and in past few months i join more affiliate program other than bizgurukul also but i lost my money because once they sell product to any client they do not help any more, they do not receive calls, didn't reply any message even they did not seen the message even. In the same way when i heared about Bizgurukul affiliate program the question also arise in my mind that Is Bizgurkul scam?

After few days i heared about bizgurukul affiliate program but i didn't join immediately first i was research and follow my marketer on instagram, facebook and on whatsaap also they put story everywhere and whatsaap status also then i start trusting him and i just text my sponsor sir i want to join your affiliate program then they give complete information on call and i finally purchase. After purchase then my sponsor were explain all step and process how to build knowledge, marketing strategies and how to start working and they give me a task to complete and after completing 1st task they start my training and believe me guys this is awesome course.

The bizgurukul product is not a scam it is totally legal body and provide excellent knowledge with full of support.

The Best Thing Of Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing:

If i say as a beginner then i would like to say it is better for those people who really want to start there online business and they want to learn how to start affiliate marketing, how it is work, how many profit we can get?, how much time it will take to make profit? and many other question then i personally recommend you that first you should research properly on google, youtube and other social media platform then you should buy. Because after your research you will understand the concept of investment and consistency which you have to be maintain then you try this product. But if you know little about affiliate marketing then you will understand this is on of the most profitable product. Through this product you can generate 30,000/- to 40,000/- per month it may varies your hard work if you work full time then you have no limit but if you work 2 to 3 hr a day then you can generate atleast 10,000/- or more than 10,000/-. It depends upon your traffic and how many people you have to reach and talk with them or chat etc. 

Don't Waste Your Time During This Lockdown, Bizgurukul Motivation
Don't Waste Your Time During This Lockdown

Hard Truth Of Bizgurukul Affiliate Program:

If i say as a beginner(if you have No instagram, No facebook, No Twitter or Other social Media Account ) then after purchase this product you need to create different e-mail to open new social media account after creat your account you have to post regular and follow 15 to 20 people every day after sufficient post and build your personal brand(good bio on instagram, facebook etc.) then people start following you then you will generate lead(customer) then you got experience how to talk with new people as a sponsor or as a affiliate marketer then you will sell maximum product. Don't worry guys if you buy and start this program you will get all training that how to talk with new people, how to solve there problem, how much time you have to talk with them, how to create post for instagram or facebook, how to create story for instagram or facebook, which software you have to use and many other things different types of training you will get. This will take at least 3 to 4 week for initial day's. That is why if you are beginner then you need to be patient. Then you will understand Is Bizgurukul Scam? or Not.

But if i say as a already experienced affiliate marketer then you will generate passive income through bizgurukul affiliate marketing product and you will cross 40,000/- easily per month.
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